Latest 25 Princess Halloween Makeup Ideas In 2016

Let’s face it; given the opportunity, any female would love the opportunity of becoming a princess just for a day and having a real Cinderella experience.

Any girl would jump at the chance of turning up to an event, stepping out of a gorgeous horse drawn carriage and being able to float around in a beautiful, floaty dress and a sparkly tiara. Girls rarely get the chance to do this and that’s why princess costumes are the perfect idea for any fancy dress party or for Halloween.

It’s so easy to create the perfect princess costumes and it doesn’t matter whether you are five years old or forty because there will always be something to suit you and have you looking stunning. Firstly, you have to decide what sort of princess that you want to be because there are a lot of options for princess costumes available. You could opt for a mysterious, Arabian princess by wearing a cropped top, baggy trousers and a dark veil.

These can be in dark blues or blacks or could even be in rich, deep purples. You can also add lots of bangles and wear dark makeup. Why not an Egyptian princesses, like Cleopatra? Wear a long white dress, big eye makeup, a head band and chunky, gold jewellery.

There is always the choice of becoming a magical fairy princess in a big, glittery, blue dress with a set of wings and a wand. Of course there is always the traditional Princess which is a favourite among all ages having grown up with the Disney Princesses such as Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and so many more.

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