Latest 15 Dollar Store Halloween Decorations Ideas In 2016

I mentioned the other day that I had decided NOT to decorate for Halloween this year . . . until I went to the Dollar Store. There’s just something about everything in a store costing a buck.

Tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way.My thought process was I’d gather up some Halloween decorations for grandson at his mom’s house. I always have a thought ‘process’.It rarely, if ever, proceeds according to plan.

It’s also rare that I see anything in any store, not just the Dollar Store, where I can’t see a little potential for just a little paint here & there. It’s bordering on a sickness, I tell ya. I’m serious. You should see my workshop, shelves brimming with thrift and dollar store items just waiting for ‘a little paint’.Tell me I’m not the only one who has loads of unfinished projects.

Well, enough of that. Wanna see a few quick & easy projects that I actually finished with just paint I had in my stash. (Isn’t that the best? Sprucing up something cheap with left over craft stuff? I know!) All it took was a little bit of spray paint and a bit of craft paint.

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations

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Dollar Store Halloween Decor

Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations Outdoor

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Dollar Store Halloween Decorations..

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations

Dollar Store Halloween Wreath DIY

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Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations 2016

Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations.

Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations

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