25 Halloween Black Makeup Ideas To Try In 2016

Are you not quite ready for Halloween? All of a sudden, you have office parties and friend gatherings and you don’t have a costume.

No worries, because you can create looks with things you already have. Here are some Black Halloween makeup ideas using mostly (or only) black liquid liner because you don’t have the time, money, or energy to use a million makeup products for a look you’re only going to wear for a few hours.
Black eyeliner — whether its gel, liquid, or a kohl pencil — is a necessity for creating stunning Halloween looks. You can outline adorable kitten whiskers and leopard spots, or illustrate a skeleton or elaborate mask.

Whatever look you’re drawn to, you can likely create it right at home with the supplies you already have. Below, I rounded up some of the best looks you can make using black liner.
While some of these call for solely liquid liner, I would encourage you to work with whatever liner formula you feel more comfortable with.

Some of these are really intricate and best used with a gel or liquid liner and fine pencil or liner brush. Other looks are a little easier, and can be pulled off with a pencil or chubby eye shadow stick. Basically, the rules are that there aren’t any rules. Feel free to adjust any tutorial to fit your comfort level.

Halloween Black Makeup

2016 fashion

Alien Halloween Makeup

Black & White Skull Zombie

black and white makeup

Black Halloween Eye Makeup

black pencil,

Black Swan Costumes and Makeup

Demon Face Paint

design and decor ideas for halloween

DIY Cat Halloween Makeup

Easy Halloween makeup 3

Evil Queen Halloween Makeup

Evil Skull Halloween Makeup

Halloween costume idea-Black swan makeup


Halloween images inspiration for an amazing make-up

Halloween Makeup 2016

Halloween Makeup

halloween makup 2016

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Nebula Fantasy Makeup

Scary Halloween Skull Face Paint


skull makeup for girl

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