25 Best Zombie Makeup Ideas To Leave Walking Dead Behind

From the minute we wake up from our slumber to the moment we crawl back into our crypts at the end of the day, we think about Halloween.

Maybe it’s because it’s the one holiday that encourages you to dress up, try on different looks based on mood, and generally express yourself and your personal style through the use of fashion, beauty and copious amounts of fake blood. What’s not to love?

We’ve been giving a lot of thought to what to be this year, and naturally, with the season premiere of The Walking Dead kicking off last night, we’re big into zombies right now. Just in case you too have the undead on the brain (pun unintended), we’re sharing the findings of our zombie makeup tutorial k-hole. Because, TBH, when *aren’t* zombies a great Halloween costume? Here’s some of the best how-tos from around the web.

Halloween Zombie Makeup

2016 letest zombie makeup

Audrey Hepburn Zombie look.

fashion 2016

Halloween Zombie Makeup Idea.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Idea

Halloween zombie makeup!

Halloween Zombie Makeup.....

Halloween Zombie Makeup..

Halloween Zombie Makeup.

halloween zombie makeup

Nice work on the mouth. I ove this.

Scary Zombie Makeup

Sexy Zombie Makeup For Halloween

Very creepy zombie Halloween makeup!

Zombie Face Make Up Looks

Zombie Halloween Makeup Special Effect

zombie makeup look.

Zombie Makeup...

zombie makeup.

Zombie Makeup

zombie meakup

Zombie Pirate Makeup

Zombie Prom Queen Halloween Makeup Ideas

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