25 Best Halloween Vampire Makeup Ideas In 2016

One of the most popular looks for the end of October holiday, All Hallows’ Eve, is Halloween vampire makeup. You can take your own spin with it to make it uniquely your own-from sexy to scary.

Your Halloween vampire makeup will consist mainly of three colors: black, white, and red. You may want throw in a few splotches of blue or purple to add to the undead look. Vampires present themselves as sleek and sophisticated, so you’ll want to make sure your application is precise and neat, while, at the same time, really getting into the details of your makeup. If that sounds scarier than meeting a vampire in real life, don’t fret. It’s not hard! You can practice beforehand, too.

Halloween Vampire Makeup

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Crazy vampire halloween makeup

drinking blood

famous bloodsucker of all… the vampire

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goth halloween makeup vampire

Gothic Vampire Makeup..

Gothic Vampire Makeup

Halloween Makeup inspiration vampire

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Halloween Vampire Costume Makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup .

Halloween vampire makeup for 2016

Halloween Vampire Makeup Ideas

Halloween Vampire Makeup

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Perfect Vampire Make-Up

'Sexy Vampire'

Special Effects Halloween Make-up - Vampire

Vampire Gothic Eye Makeup

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