15 Best Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Modern Home

Make your haunted house gore-geously trendy with Modern Halloween Decorations!

Stylish zigzags, polka dots and stripes stand out in shades of orange, black and white. Choose from numerous garland styles, unique banners, pumpkin fluffy decorations, swirl decorations and more to display around the room. Flickering flameless candles, shiny confetti, sequined pumpkin props and tinsel spiders are gothic-glam. Spider web window decorations, glitter mouse cutouts, skull door knockers and shining Halloween wreaths add fashionable finishing touches, but don’t forget balloons! Modern Halloween Decorations are sure to make guests “ooh” and “AAH!”

Modern Halloween Decorations

Black and White Halloween Decoration

Halloween Decorating Idea Mantel Fireplace

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Decorations Banners 2016

Halloween Decorations Banners

Halloween Decorations Mordern

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Table Setting

Modern Halloween Decoration Ideas

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